Angel Correspondence

I’ve been sent to guard the entrance of the garden.

I really don’t understand these humans God made. God formed the man with his own hands and then breathed His life into him. Each part of creation was magical, but when he made man that was something astounding. The man looked so much like God. I’m not sure why God created him. It wasn’t like He was lonely. There was his Son and the Holy Spirit. The three of them have such a time together. You should have seen them working on creation. God’s light pierced the darkness. The waters were pushed aside and the dry land appeared. They arranged what was nothing until it was a work of art.

That wasn’t enough for God. All kinds of plants started growing. Some just appeared full size and beautiful. Then they hung the sun and moon in place. And the stars, oh, the beautiful stars. Stars without number.

Next they made water creatures and birds in the wide sky. What imaginations the three of them have. Each creature was more beautiful or stranger than the next.

Then they started in on the animals. Big, small, tiny, furry, sleek, comical, beautiful animals. Some made me laugh when I saw them. No, they weren’t a mistake. God planned for them to look that way. Such variety. And then, like I said, there was man. To see him come to life took my breath away.

How did it go so wrong?

God had given him everything, a beautiful wife, a dream job, the most beautiful, magical place to live.

But you’ll remember Lucifer. The last time we heard from him 1/3 of our forces joined him in open rebellion. He was roaming around. He does a lot of roaming. Always looking for something of God’s to ruin. His hatred for God consumes his every thought and action. He knew better than to talk to Adam directly. Adam had been given the mandate right from God. Eve had heard it second hand so she was easier to deceive. She argued with him a little, but his skill at persuasion was too much for her. He acted like her friend, like he had her best interests at heart. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

She reached for and ate the fruit. It actually tasted good. She gave some to Adam. He knew full well what he was doing. He knew about the promise of death. He also knew that if he didn’t eat he would lose Eve to death and he would continue on without her… How could he continue on without her? He made the awful choice of turning his back on God to stay with Eve. I think he immediately regretted it, but what was done was done.

They both tried to hide.

I expected God to kill them both on the spot. Amazingly he showed them grace. God asked them questions he already knew the answers to. I think He wanted them to own up to what they’d done. They blamed each other and even God for the offense. Adam said, “this woman you gave me…” So the good gift God had given Adam was now to blame for his disobedience. Why didn’t he see? Why didn’t he see that it wasn’t Eve or even Satan that was to blame? He simply wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now. Then when he got what he wanted he blamed Eve for the choice that ruined them both.

Why does God bother with them? How can he tolerate this rebellion. Satan’s rebellion nearly broke his heart. Now man does the same and God’s plan of redemption goes into action. It is an amazing story that is playing out now…but getting back to my station at the entrance of the garden. Why guard the entrance? What’s the big deal? The fruit has been eaten, the damage has been done. Did God throw them out because He was angry. No, don’t you see it? God was kind. Kind to prevent them from eating from the tree of life that was in that same garden. The tree that they hadn’t bothered eating from yet. (It hadn’t been forbidden.) If they ate it now they would live forever as sinners. No possibility of change. Some day they would eat of it, but not now. Not in their present state. God took the option away from them because He is kind.

So I wait and watch for God’s plan to unfold. It makes me curious. These creatures who look so much like God. These creatures that God gives such grace.

When you get time I’d like to hear about your latest assignment.

(This fictional correspondence is based on the following passages. Genesis 1-3; Ezekiel 28:12-18; Revelation 12:4; Rev. 22:1&2)

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