Grieving for the Martyrs

I’ve put aside what I’ve been working on to bring you this video today.

Our prayers need to be with our brothers and sisters around the world who are facing unspeakable evil.

“Even so come Lord Jesus.”

DRTV Spindle: “We Will Not Be Lost”

Brian delivers a commentary and memorial tribute to the 21 Christians beheaded by ISIS. With musical help from Christa Wells and Nicole Witt of More Than Rubies, DRTV remembers their names.
Uploaded by Dead Reckoning ®

4 thoughts on “Grieving for the Martyrs

  1. This breaks my heart. We are so sheltered in this country, but I believe trouble is coming. At breakfast I prayed, Lord thank you for another day to serve you. My granddaughter responded, “You mean He’s coming in another day?!?” I told her I didn’t know, but her enthusiasm for Christ’s return warms my heart.

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  2. Karen, I watched the beheading of these 21 men 2-3 days ago and the feelings that raged up inside of me were huge. My grandson-in law is stationed at Ft. Bliss outside of El Paso. A few months ago they went on lock down because they knew for certain that ISIS was in Northern Mexico and our border. It’s only a matter of time probably.

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