Purposeful New Year

It’s that time of year, when I take stock of what was and make plans for what will be. As I look back I have met some of the goals I had. Others were discarded quickly or were impossible to accomplish.

The most important accomplishments were not things of my own choosing. You can’t schedule in those moments that God ordains. We make plans that are big and grand. His plans are big and grand but they are on a different level. The world pushes us to be bigger and better. God pushes us to be closer to Him and thus more useful. Those moment by moment minutes with Him that make all the difference when something difficult comes up. The passage I had been studying that spoke to my life a month later. The “random” verse that was just what someone else needed to hear. So this year my plans are of a more basic variety.

*  To get closer to the one who made me.

*  To understand Him more so I can be like Him.

*  To see His hand at work in my feeble attempts.

*  To see great things done, not because of who I am, but because of who He is.

*  To not expect things from God, but God Himself.

Indeed, these are the fringes of his ways, and how faint is the whisper we’ve heard of it! But who can comprehend the thunder of his might? (Job 26:14 ISV)


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