Learning to Seek God’s Presence

celticcover (2)

I have some exciting news today!  My first book has just been released.

“Learning to Seek God’s Presence” is a ten-week study-guide written for people who are broken by circumstances.  While this study can be done alone, it will be more beneficial if worked through with a discipleship partner.

Study people like Hagar, Joseph, Ruth and many others and learn how they reacted to impossible circumstances.  Learn a new way of thinking, leading to a new way of living.

This is not a self-help course, a solutions manual, or a quick fix for a difficult life.  Rather, the goal is to learn how to live in God’s presence in spite of our circumstances.  Someday we will live in His presence for eternity.  He wants us to learn how to do it well before we arrive.

“Learning to Seek God’s Presence” is available through Amazon.  You can follow the link here.

I’ll be taking about ten days off.  I’m hoping to have a series on parenting when I get back.  Enjoy these beautiful Fall days.





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