Rebellion on Earth

(Part 3 of 7)

Life was perfect.

God had created a perfect world with a perfect couple.  He gave them everything they needed.  They had a perfect job; to cultivate and keep the weed free garden.  Adam had been allowed to name each of the animals.  They daily kept company with God.

Satan, seething with hatred for God saw his chance to ruin what was so close to God’s heart.  Figuring she was an easier mark, Satan spoke to Eve.  The original instructions had been given to Adam.  Maybe she didn’t know them as well as Adam did.

Satan twisted God’s original intent just enough.  Satan whispered some well-placed words and doubt was born.

“Indeed has God said?” (Genesis 3:1)

“You surely will not die.” (Genesis 3:4)

Maybe God wasn’t as good as she imagined.  Maybe God was keeping something from her by not allowing her to eat from this one tree.  She forgot all that God had said yes to.  This was the only no.  This friendly creature seemed like her advocate.  Maybe she had been mistaken about God.  Why shouldn’t she have the fruit from that one tree?

The tree’s fruit looked good.

She wanted it.

She deserved it.

She should have it.

And so her focus shifted from God to self.  She ate of the fruit.

Next, she offered it to Adam.  He was more keenly aware of the horror of her decision.  She had been deceived into eating the fruit.  There was no deception involved in his choice.  She ate and he would rather die than loose her.  He knew full well the consequences of eating from the tree.  He would surely die.

God confronted them.  They each shifted the blame.  Death came.  The earth was cursed.  Work became toil.  Life would be filled with sorrow and sin.

God killed the first animals to clothe these naked ones.  So an innocent’s blood was shed because of what they had done.  It was the first of many sacrifices that would be shed to atone, or pay, for their rebellion.

They were sent out of the garden.

Life would never be the same.

For further study see Genesis 3:1-24; I Timothy 2:14

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