Who is God?

(This post is part one of a seven part series.)

Three in one God.  Completely connected yet so different.  Enjoying each other’s presence.  Perfect community.  I can hear them laughing, planning and working together to create.  They filled a great void with life.

Day 1 – light

Day 2 – atmosphere, heavens

Day 3 – sea, land, plants

Day 4 – sun, moon, stars

Day 5 – fish, sea creatures, birds

Day 6 – animals and man

Such detail and variety.  Imagine what it was like.  Day six man was created differently than everything else.  He was created in God’s image.  Created to be like God.  Created to keep company with God.  Created to join the three in one community. God’s response is to call it good.  Yes, what God created was very good.  There was no messing up or starting over or trying again.  God planned, created and delighted in what He had made.

For further study see Genesis 1, Job 38-41 and Psalm 19:1-6

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