Spring at Last

Spring has begun.  Not with drastic changes and bursting leaves, but with small barely noticeable life.  It has been a long winter.  We’ve had almost 6 months of snow.  Today as I went out to rake up the dead leaves in hopes of finding life, I did.  There were tiny green shoots.  Daffodil and tulip leaves were finally poking through.  My husband found a patch of tiny blue flowers in the woods.  All seemed dead around them and yet there they were.  You have to look for life.  Sometimes it is harder to find than others.  We looked for Spring today because God had promised it would come.  (Genesis 8:22)  We believed Him and sure enough He was bringing the earth back to life.


Winter can creep into our hearts too.  We can grow cold and tired, almost dead.  Yet God promises to complete a work (Philippians 1:6) and so we look for Spring.  We turn our faces to Him.  We let Him shine on us. We let His word wash over us. We feel the breath of His Spirit waking us up from our long winter nap.  We rejoice in the God of our salvation who brings not only flowers back to life, but us as well.



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