Counter Culture 2014

Reigning Grace Counseling Center, in Kansas City, MO,  is putting on the following conference in March 20-22.  I recommend it highly to anyone involved in any level of ministry or interaction with people.  (That means you.)    I’ve included a link to their website here.  Counter Culture 2014
Our culture is changing fast, and Christians often don’t know how to respond to worldly influences that tell us our beliefs are unlawful and our morals and values are outdated. 
Counter Culture: Practical Biblical Counseling for the Issues of Today will arm you with biblical truth to help you stand strong against the tide of ungodly teaching so prevalent in the world today. 
  • This is the only Midwestern Regional Biblical Counseling Conference with partners from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC, formerly NANC), International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC), and American Academy of Biblical Counselors (AABC).
  • 27 Workshops to choose from on a wide variety of topics with an emphasis on practical application.
  • Childcare not provided
  • Registration ends March 8th

Please consider joining us for our 3 day conference in Kansas City with over a dozen nationally recognized speakers taking on prominent issues and topics of today.

We believe the benefits of this conference extend beyond Biblical Counselors; it is for anyone seeking to address life issues from a biblical perspective, even without previous training.

We look forward to seeing you in March.

-Reigning Grace Counseling Center

Counter Culture 2014

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