Chase Me

He chased us through the house.
We screamed with delight.
Chase me, Daddy, chase me!
He would pretend not to hear
Then suddenly spring from his chair
To chase us up the stairs
Catching me into his strong, kind arms.
Let me go, let me go!
He ever so gently set me down.
And the game would begin again.
Chase me, Daddy, chase me.
Catch me, Daddy, catch me.

I’m older now.
Daddy’s in heaven.
There’s no time for such games.

Yet, I hear my heart say…
Chase me Father, chase me.
I think He doesn’t hear,
Until suddenly I feel His presence
And know He’s pursuing.
Let me go, let me go.
I’m busy, I don’t have time.
He ever so gently steps back
And waits until I finally say,
Chase me, Father, chase me.
Catch me, Father, catch me.

Karen Pickering

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