God and the Mountains

My husband and I just spent four days in the Smoky Mountains.  We followed the sometimes cryptic directions back and forth up the mountainside to the cabin.  When we finally got the door open, after fighting with the lock box, this is the view that greeted us from the window.    2013 09 17_2104

We just stood and stared.  The view from the back porch was breathtaking.  What surprised me the most was how often the view changed.  Early Morning brought  dark fog and low clouds.

2013 09 17_2120

Late morning wisps of smoky fog and bright sunshine.

2013 09 17_1961

Afternoon brought sometimes blue skies and ever changing shadows on the mountains.

2013 09 17_2019

Evening brought a pink sky that started pale and deepened as the sun went down.

2013 09 17_2116

God is such an amazing artist.  Morning to evening…hour by hour the view was always different.  He would add a few clouds here, a little fog there, a touch of color.  Then he would cover it completely with clouds so nothing could be seen no matter how hard we strained.

2013 09 17_2010

That made it the more beautiful when God blew the clouds aside to reveal the mountains in all their glory.

2013 09 17_2016

What have you seen this week?  What artwork has God put in front of you to declare His glory?

“For behold, He who forms mountains and creates the wind and declares to man what are His thoughts; He who makes dawn into darkness and treads on the high places of the earth, the Lord of hosts is His name.”  Amos 4:13

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