You might be a Pharisee if

Matthew 5:20  “Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

The Pharisees were the religious elite of Jesus day.  They knew the law and followed it meticulously.  Unfortunately most of them completely missed who Jesus was.  They failed to see that the law was given to show us our need.  They were instead using it as a measuring line to brag about their own righteousness.  I have compiled a short list of Pharisee tendencies I have struggled with in my own heart or observed in others. 

You might be a Pharisee if:

1.   you never miss a church service, but have trouble having regular devotions.

2.  you don’t have trouble praying publicly, but your prayer life at home consists of thanking God for the meal.

3.  you are watching for other people’s sin, but ignore your own.

4.  you have a Jesus bumper sticker on your car, but yell at someone who cuts you off in traffic.

5.  you dress modestly, but watch questionable things on TV.

6.   you make sure your kids are in Sunday School and Awana, but aren’t careful to have family devotions with them at home.

7.   you give your testimony at church, but knowing the “gospel” hasn’t changed who you are.

8.   you are sure to greet all the right people, but fail to greet the people who everyone ignores.

9.  you use prayer meetings to gossip and spread rumors, instead of praying privately about sensitive matters at home.

10.   you take offense when people don’t notice your needs, instead of noticing when others have a need.

11.  you are more concerned about what is proper, instead of what is kind and good.

12.   you are thankful for your lack of sin, instead of seeing your utter need of God.

13.   you think God made the world and everything in it for you, instead of realizing that everything revolves around Christ.

What would you add?  You might be a Pharisee if…

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